Files in working folder


Output data in format XML refer to this file in order to be displayed as HTML in web browsers. Edit this file with text editor if you wish to have more columns, different order of columns or whatever else different inside your browser. It is always copied to be at XML exported file.


User interface translations. Application is natively in English language.

*.xml, *.csv, *.ics, *.html, *.pdf

These are results of output you ever done. The output files are never deleted by application, you can delete them when you do not need them. The filename usually starts with date time section, you will see immediately, which ones are ancient ones.


If you would like to have HolyServices application in your language, do not hesitate and translate this file! See the section called “How to add next language”.

How to add next language

In installation folder is usually file named untranslated.ts. It is raw stuff for user interface translation, it contains all menus, message boxes text visible in the program.

If you want to introduce your native language to the program, open this file in UTF-8 or Unicode enabled editor (Windows Notepad, vim, PSPad) and write translation of element source between tags <translation></translation> respecting occasional translating hint comment.Make sure you store the file in Unicode or UTF-8 encoding, not in your local code page.

Of course, if you are kind of developer and you have QT library installed (can happen especially for K Desktop Environment users), use QT Linguist application to translate in dedicated environment.

Second thing to be translated is the report transforming file defaultReport.xslt. Translate the header texts between TH tags.

Send me the translation then and I will add it to public resources ASAP. You shall be rewarded greatly! I write your name into credits file, if you will not gainsay :-)