Holy Services

Jan 'Koviš' Struhár



Short user manual for HolyServices application

Table of Contents

Intended users
Hardware and software requirements
Quick start guide
Feature by feature
Data definitions
Create single service
Color code
Progress bar at month name label
View filtering
Holy service generator
Files in working folder
How to add next language
Data files
Command line switches
Evolution plans


Primary goal of application is to bring overview into holy service planning in small parishes. Program enables registration of intentions for holy services as the members of parish demand it.

The author maintained the collecting of holy service intentions for eight years with predecessor of this program. The experience he gathered is (hopefully) imbued in this, from ground-up built remake.

As main highlights of application can be counted:

  • better overview about services over the year - the main screen of application resembles to yearly calendar page with colored boxes representing holy services

  • intention reuse - for the holy service client is offered a selection from intentions from previous year as they tend to be repeated or only slightly extended

  • holy service clients are sometimes visually challenged - big font of screen displaying holy service detail helps them to cooperate with you

  • services can be quickly filtered by priest or church to get an overview about load of particular priest/church in the parish

  • output can be easily turned to web contents or spreadsheet

  • no national codepage/diacritic issues - application is fully UNICODE compliant

  • no database driver configuration, no administration tasks required

  • easy backup - data is just one file

  • open code and open, standard data format - data is just plain, text based XML format that can be converted easily to different format

  • easy internationalization - with little effort the application can be extended to work in another language mutation